Premium Waiver Insurance

Premium Waiver is an optional payment protection insurance designed to protect monthly Motor or Home insurance premium payments in the event of accident, illness, unemployment and hospitalisation. Unemployment cover also includes giving up work to become a full-time carer.

Cover continues as long as the Motor or Home insurance policy is renewed and the premium is paid monthly by Direct Debit.

The policy has NO EXCLUSIONS, however, there are certain eligibility criteria to be met by the policyholder who must be:

i. over 18 and under 64 years of age;

ii. permanently resident within the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands or Isle of Man;

iii. working a minimum of 16 hours per week within the UK and have been so continuously for the previous 6 months and nit currently off sick (other than minor ailments).

The no exclusions feature of the policy means that there are:

  • No pre-existing illness exclusions
  • No back-ache exclusions
  • No stress exclusions
  • No pregnancy exclusions
  • No prior knowledge of unemployment exclusions
  • Excess Protection policies. Premiums start from as low as £1 per month.